Nutro Max Dog Beef and Rice - 25lb


Nutro MAX Natural Beef Meal & Rice Adult Dog Food Nutro MAX Beef Meal & Rice Recipe Adult Dog Food is specifically formulated with high-quality natural ingredients to provide adult dogs with maximum health. Containing savory beef protein along with a healthy blend of fiber, essential minerals and vitamins, this natural dog food promotes strong muscles, vitality and longevity. Formulated with L-Carnitine for dogs to maintain a healthy body weight and Omega 6 fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat, this dog food also contains taurine to support a strong immune system. For heart health, this formula is enriched with Vitamin E, as well as a blend of natural fibers for easy digestion. Plus, each delightful piece of kibble has been designed to scrub dog teeth and reduce plaque and tartar build-up to promote dental health. Give your dogs balanced and natural nutrition along with the tasty beef flavor they love without any artificial preservatives, colors or flavors by giving them Nutro MAX.